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Vital records, notarized, and state issued documents require authentication to be used in foreign countries. An apostille, or authentication, for these documents must be issued by the Competent Authority of the State in which they are issued or notarized. We work directly with the issuing authority of apostilles for every State to make the process easy and convenient. 

Processing time vary by State. This is determined by the State where your document was issued or notarized in. We will advise you of the expected processing time when your documents are submitted to us. Before mailing your documents to us, our Authentication Specialists will check for proper notarization and issuance of vital records. It is recommended that all vital records submitted to us for service have been issued within the last 5 years.  Some States require a Letter of Exemplification accompany a vital record. The Letter of Exemplification must be requested when ordering the vital record requiring an apostille certificate. 

Some States may require a local, city, or county authentication prior to obtaining an apostille for your document. We can complete this process for your (additional fees will apply) Fees for State Apostille Service are listed below. 


National 49 Standard Apostille Service:

  • $149 for one document

  • $51 for each additional document issued by the same State

  • $129 for each additional document issued by a different State as part of the same order

*County/Local Certification fees, if required, are in addition to the service fees listed above.

National 49 Rush Apostille Service (where available):

  • $225 for first/one document

  • $75 for each additional document submitted to the same state as part of the same order

County/Local Certification:

  • $75 for each document requiring county/local certification

Special Procedures:

Some States and U.S. Territories require specific procedures for document authentication. These include, but are not limited to; Guam, Hawaii, New York, and Puerto Rico. Please contact us for a quote on service for documents issued by these States and any U.S. Territories. We highly recommend taking a photo of or scanning a copy of both sides of the document(s) to us to receive a quote for service. 


Contact a Specialist for a quote or to start the authentication process by emailing us at

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